Saturday, August 11, 2012


Last week we finally found out the gender of our child. It's a girl! wooooot! We are excited, Liese is already working on a girly baby blanket.

This is the evidence, I'm convinced.

We'll have better pictures towards the end of December.

She kept licking the wall of the placenta, we're going to have one of those weird kids that licks everything....

Weekend at the Cavallaro's

The weekend after July 4th we were invited out to the Cavallaro's river house on the Northern Neck. We had a great time, but man was it hot. It got up to around 105 degrees that weekend.

Looking out the back windows towards the river.

Liese (off camera) just said something totally outrageous.

Cruising into the bay for a swim dip!

Oh no! a woman is driving! Stop her!

Phew! that was close!

The swim dip!

James getting his tan on.

Seasonally appropriate sparklers.

Front of the house.

Mrs. Kear and her chickens. She gave us a carton of fresh eggs.

Memorial Day Weekend

This is a super late post, but over Memorial Day Weekend we rented a place on the Chesapeake in Nanticoke, MD (photos below). The place we rented sat on an 80 acre parcel which we had all to ourselves, so there was a veritable wellspring of fun outdoor activities available. Diversion, distraction and overall good fun was very much had by all, especially the friends that came with us (Josh, Loren, and the Georges). 

We went to dinner at place called the Red Roost, it was divine. the crab and shrimp were deliciously crunchy.

The kite came too!

Shooting some clay pigeons.

Liese, sizzling by the fire.

Ryan, Loren, Josh, Liese, and Amber by the fire.

Just some people on a dock.

This is the candid photo I took while setting up the timer, my favorite.

Now everyone do something crazy!

Ryan laughing, obviously.

Josh perfectly posturing for potential pigeon pummeling.