Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dreams are dumb.

Every once in a while I have a dream that my baby is born...and is a boy.  This is probably because I am ready for a girl...lavender room, cute little dresses, tiny jelly shoes, ruffle butt pants, etc.  So I'm just psyching myself out, right?  Here's where it gets weird... On Monday at work Melissa, an ultrasound tech, tells me that she dreamed over the weekend that I had a boy (this was especially disconcerting to her because she is the one who got to tell us that we were having a girl).  THEN...that very same night...Craig dreams that our baby is a boy.  I can't take it.
Melissa and I decided to take a quick look...just to ease our minds.  There's no doubt she's still a girl.  I'm glad I can take a peek at her whenever I need to :)  She's pretty cramped in there...poor little girl...her tiny face was completely smashed.  

smashed. poor little nose.

not smashed (a few months ago)

And, of course, her little arms were up over her face, making it very difficult to get a good face shot.  We're getting pretty excited to meet her <3

Sunday, November 4, 2012

34 Weeks...Getting WAY Bigger!

We decided it was time to take another picture of the bump :)

34 weeks!

NYC! (Two year anniversary)

We've been married for two years!! (I thought two exclamation points was appropriate).  Okay, well, almost two years...we had to celebrate a week early.  And it's a good thing we did...because we got out of there hours before the big storm hit.  So...Craig loves me SO MUCH that he took me to one of my favorite places in the world...New York City!  It was a wonderful weekend.

Of course we went to see Carolee in her new show...which was wonderful, as usual.  I even thanked Kathie Lee Gifford for writing a play that kept Carolee on the stage for almost the entire performance.

She got to see our baby bump!

and she said she didn't blame Craig for not letting me name the baby "Carolee"
(I still think it's a good idea)

We got to play with Rachel <3

Then we won tickets to see the Book of Mormon Musical!!
It was hilariously inappropriate :)

Stow away!

Banana pudding from Magnolia's for breakfast!

Happy wife :)

Names for Little Girls

Craig and I don't agree on very many names for little girls :/  Luckily, we've found three that we both really like:

Leila (after my great-grandma)

We're going to wait until she comes out before we decide...hopefully then it will be obvious which fits!

25 Weeks...Getting Bigger!

I'm getting pretty least, I'm feeling pretty huge.  I decided it was time to start documenting, so one Saturday morning I woke up before Craig and prettied myself for a photoshoot!  I sure am glad Craig is good at taking pictures.

Sometimes Craig gets distracted...and forgets to include my belly :)  I think he thinks I'm pretty.

Walton Family Vacation!

We got to go play with Craig's whole family (except for Doug :/ ) in a cabin in the mountains in Colorado.  (yeah, I know, this was like 3 months ago...I'm trying to catch up.) We got to go hiking and biking and to ski resorts and all sorts of fun things!


Before our semi-annual Walton Family vacation this year, I got to go play with Kayley in Flagstaff!  While I was there we saw the cutest little Monster street art wheat-pasted everywhere.  We DEFINITELY didn't put it there :)
 Is that a baby in the orange-haired monsters tummy?!