Sunday, May 6, 2012

Boy Vs. Girl

Reasons I want a boy:
-I have 4 big brothers. I think our future girl(s) should have a big brother because big brothers are the best. They teach you boy stuff, and to be tough, and wrestle with you, and protect you. Like when Josh started picking me up from school because that bully on the bus was always making me cry. Or when Butch told me I wasn't allowed to date that one guy anymore because all he did was make me feel bad about myself.  Every girl needs at least one or two (or four) big brothers.
-Craig is a boy. And I think the world needs more Craigs. *imagining* cute little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes being wonderful all of the time and making some girls dreams come true.
-we won't have to worry that he'll get pregnant in high school.

Reasons I want a girl:
-so I can dress her up and put sparkly earrings in her cute little tiny ears and bows in her blonde curly hair! (have you noticed that I want our kids to have blonde hair?)
-so I can name her after my mom, my mother-in-law, my great grandma, my best friend, or Carolee.

According the Chinese gender prediction chart, we're having a boy!! (it claims to be 99% did that IUD.)

Craig doesn't care either way...he just hopes it is Caucasian.


MORNING Sickness?

I'm jealous of the person who coined the phrase 'morning sickness'. Why? Because I WISH it was only in the morning instead of ALL. DAY.LONG. It's like having the flu that never goes away. I used to think that when I finally got pregnant with a little tiny Craig, all I would feel was so much love that none of the other stuff would bother me. Wrong.
The first day I felt sick was the day that Craig, Mom, Sami, Ashleigh, and I were in NYC. I have two theories regarding this:
1. I wasn't eating as often. I have been eating about 5 or 6 small meals everyday, and only ate 2 big meals...and one small one that day. Plausible.
2. Baby was PISSED that we went to see the fabulous Carolee Carmello before he had eyes or ears. I'm pretty sure this is the reason. He won't be able to hear until July...I couldn't wait that long!
It's been a full week and he hasn't let up. This little guy has gotten my ability to hold a grudge, I guess.

*Side note: NYC was so wonderful! Carolee was beautiful, talented, amazing, as usual. And guess what!!! She took us backstage! We had never been on a real stage in a real theatre! It was the coolest thing that has ever happened. ever. We were just walking around, getting a tour, from CAROLEE CARMELLO.

**Maybe if baby is a girl...Craig will let me name her Carolee?


The Tears

The rage is gone...but the tears have moved in. I am the biggest cry baby. I read stories about animals who help their humans in magazines...and I cry. I find a new tumor in someone's body...and I cry. I see an old man helping his little old wife cross the street...and I cry! They're just so old and decrepit and in love...and holding hands! Almost every tv show and movie that I watch involves me crying.
 Here's my new favorite way to deny my crying: I lay with my head on Craig's chest while we watch a show...and my tears leave a wet spot. Then I accuse him of lactating! Genius!


The Cravings

All I want to eat for every meal for the rest of my life is butter chicken. Butter chicken is an Indian dish that makes me hungry just thinking about it. I have eaten it everyday for almost two weeks now. I can't stop thinking about it...I think I'll go have some now.
In bed while we're falling asleep I sometimes crave other things...including popcorn (I'm not really a fan of popcorn because it gets stuck in my teeth) and salt and vinegar chips.
Me: "Craig, I really want some popcorn right now." 
Craig: "Okay, I'll go make you some." 
Isn't he the most wonderful husband? I declined his offer, but thought his offer to get out of bed and make me popcorn was the cutest.

Butter chicken sauce:


The Rage

I've already gained a pound. "Oh, Liese! Don't be so dramatic. It's only a pound!" the thing is...if you say that...or even think that...I'll cut you. Yeah, I wrote it. Only 5 weeks pregnant is not supposed to make me gain weight yet. This little boy (I've decided he's a boy) is only the size of an apple seed right now!
Back to the cutting you thing...I've got rage. This is a pregnancy thing, right? It's not one of those tumor on my adrenal gland things, right? My mood swings are out of control. The doctors I work with envoke my rage the best. I need a new profession where doctors are not involved. Don't worry though. I wait until they're gone to blow up. Poor Alan and Alison got to see it a few times, and I think Alan is afraid of me now. Oh and it's really bad while I'm driving. Is it just me, or did people all of the sudden get way worse at driving. I know they can't hear me yelling at them, but I do it. And I yell the dumbest things! I have actually started praying that I can have my patience back. I don't like angry Liese. This doesn't last the whole time, right?


The News

I didn't even want kids...what if they hated me and it was because I was a horrible mom? I have the most wonderful mom in the whole world...I can't live up to that. No one can. She's one of a kind.
Then I fell in love with Craig. He has a great mom too! He wants kids. He would be a really great dad. Really great. Kids love Craig. I love Craig. I love kids? Yes. And I love giving them back to their parents when we're done playing. Craig thinks I would be a great mom. And he is willing to gamble some innocent little child on it. He has told me that I'm going to be a great mom so many times that I have started to believe him. But I still get scared sometimes.
Oh. Bytheway...WE ARE PREGNANT. I still haven't figured out how that happened...