Monday, December 3, 2012

Preeclampsia Sucks

On two occasions I have been sent from my regularly scheduled OB appointment to the hospital for "monitoring."  The reason being that my blood pressure has skyrocketed to 150-170/90-110, I have pitting edema (more on this later), and traces of protein in my urine...all signs of preeclampsia.  What is preeclampsia?  I'm still not really certain...but it's bad for my little girl.  BUT after some boring/ paniced (that looks dumb...panicked?  Do we add a K?) hours of monitoring and more urine and blood tests, both times, I was released.  I hate being there...I'm not even allowed to move...just lay still with monitors on the two of us.  It's a good thing Craig came both times...because I was so bored the second time that I thought I found a stretch mark.  I can't find it anymore, so I'd like to think it was my mind playing tricks on me.

Pitting Edema:
When I press on my super-fat cankles, the indentation stays there for minutes.  It's pretty sick.

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